Rs. 1500.00 | Rs.2200.00

Rs. 1500.00 | Rs.2200.00

Rs. 1500.0 | Rs.2200.00

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The journey of becoming a mother is indeed beautiful yet it comes with various challenges. Finding a comfortable sleep position can be the toughest of all. The entire night slips out of hand while you fit different pillows against your body. We at offer the best v-shaped pregnancy pillow with its premium orthopedic design.

No more restless nights

Our full body pregnancy pillow offers the ultimate comfort that a pregnant woman craves for. The V-shape design makes it a full-fledged replacement for all those cushions you wall around yourself. It offers maximum support for your head, neck, and shoulders without acquiring a hefty space. It has been contoured to relax your neck, shoulder, and body through its unique V shape design.

Grab yours now!

Worried about the V-shaped pillow price? Now worry no more! We offer the best prices for these immaculately designed pillows. Order yours today to rejoice the ultimate comfort all day all night.

Our product

The Perfect Head and Side Neck Pillow for Bed


100% premium polyester filling ensures long-lasting comfort; Outer cover has a luxurious plush microfiber feel Great pillow for alleviating shoulder pressure and supporting knees, hips and back. V Shape pillow has a variety of different uses and sleeping styles. Snuggle up to a body pillow that doesn’t take up your whole bed. Contour Products creates quality products that are long lasting and durable.

Rs. 1500.0 | Rs.2200.00


Sana Sheikh Pakistan

I have used the actual Contor V shaped pillow during my pregnancy and for nursing and it's amazing. But this is a knock off brand it's not the actual Contour Brand so I'm very disappointed, this is a knock off pillow so if you're looking for the genuine Contour brand this is not the item to get. I feel the difference in this pillow, it is a little softer and lower quality materials where as the contour pillow is firmer and made with higher quality materials so it doesn't break down as fast.

Alina Lahore,Punjab

I have some herniated disks in my neck. Finding a good pillow is very difficult especially, online. I do go to a chiropractor regularly and he suggested a side sleep pillow. When I first tried it is was like AHHH!! so comfy. After a short time it started to hurt my neck. The pillow is too high and not comfortable. I am a side/stomach sleeper and always have 2 pillows. 1 under my head and 1 on my side. If it wasn't so high it would be great. My husband loved it so I will keep it for him. Maybe if it flattens out a bit, I will take it back.

Uzma Baig Islamabad, Pakistan

I loved this pillow and I will admit it took time to get used to it. My wife had rotator cuff surgery and she now uses this pillow to support her while she sleeps, so I need to buy another.

Sheeza Faisalbad, Pakistan

I sleep on my side and always woke up with neck pain. Not any more. I slide my arm under the pillow and I have a good sleep with no pain in the morning. It is not too hard or too soft. The only thing I wish is that the pillowcase was less expensive. I bought the one without the pillowcase and I think it is a little bit too much to pay ten to fourteen dollars for one. Otherwise, happy with my pillow.

Why choose us

  • Sit up in Bed

    While the V pillow is a great neck pillow for sleeping in bed it can also be used prop up to read or watch tv in bed.
  • Quality & Safety

    Tuck your arm under the arch of the pillow and gain optimum shoulder, neck and head support.
  • Standards

    The 500-thread count is soft enough for delicate facial skin, which is an essential feature for stomach sleeping pillow.
  • Perfect Pillow

    If you have been searching for pillows that support your neck and back, the V pillow is the solution for you.